Fair Play Enterprise 2016

On 25th of November in Warsaw EXPO XXI there was a gala which ends nineteenth edition of ethics in business program “Fair Play Enterprise”. During this ceremony we have been handed Business Quality Certificate. This is the second year in row when we are honored by this award.

We receive this thanks to our effort in improvements of our bilateral relations with customers, partners and employee as well as promoting the development of positive relations with local community and with proper attention to environment.

Business Quality Certificate is confer after company’s careful validation, led by Instytut Badań nad Demokracją i Przedsiębiorstwem Prywatnym and certified:

  • Reliability to our customers;
  • Timely fulfillment of commitments;
  • Fair promotion of our products;
  • Provide conditions for effective work and professional development;
  • Participation in charitable projects, support cultural and educational initiative;
  • Taking care of natural environment;
  • Attention to high quality products which satisfy the most demanding recipient.